From Suspicion to
Decision in

The Ceribell EEG system is designed for rapid setup and
triage of seizures within minutes by any healthcare

6 Minutes
High Quality EEG In An Easy To Use Device
Ceribell EEG Headband
  • Rapid setup by any healthcare provider
  • Clinical grade EEG with low impedance levels
  • Durable high quality performance through various hair types
  • One time use avoids risks of contamination across patients
  • Elastic headband fits all head sizes
  • No extra materials needed for skin and electrode preparation
  • Real time feedback on electrode impedance
Ceribell EEG Recorder
  • Fast set-up with a one step connection to the Ceribell EEG Headband
  • Easy to use interface
  • On-device EEG display
  • Battery operated and safe
  • Wireless streaming of data for remote review
  • Real time conversion of EEG data to sound - when needed
Brain Stethoscope
  • Novel and patent protected method
  • Converts raw EEG data to sound in real-time without any distortion
  • Anyone can detect an ongoing seizure by the sound of it
  • Will only be activated when the sound icon or the stethoscope button is pressed
Ceribell EEG Recorder
  • HIPAA compliant and safe
  • Immediate back-up and preservation of data over WiFi
  • Remote review and data storage and transfer
  • Generate formal EEG report
  • Easy access to EEG data from any web browser
  • Remote EEG reading service for immediate answers, anytime