6 minutes to EEG
  • High quality and durable EEG recording
  • Rapid setup by any healthcare provider
  • Immediate detection of non-convulsive seizures
  • Real-time viewing of EEG on recording device
  • Real-time remote reviewing EEG data anywhere, anytime
Non-convulsive Seizures:
Early diagnosis and treatment needed
  • About 25% of the neurological patients and cardiac arrest patients in the ICU have non-convulsive seizures 1-29
  • Prolonged non-convulsive seizures lead to permanent brain injury 30-38
  • Electroencephalography (EEG) is required for the diagnosis of non-convulsive seizures 6,30,39-42
  • Published guidelines require EEG within 15-60 minutes when seizures are suspected 50
  • EEG access is limited in many hospitals especially during weekends and after-hours 43
  • In hospitals with 24/7 on-call EEG technicians, getting an EEG takes 3-4 hours, and getting the results takes a lot longer 46

In a majority of hospitals,

it can take many hours to acquire EEG and even longer to get the EEG results

Introducing Ceribell Rapid Response EEG
An EEG system designed for set-up and triage of seizures in 6 minutes by any healthcare provider
See how Ceribell works
  • Ceribell EEG quality is equivalent to traditional EEG 44
  • Brain Stethoscope function enables individuals with quick Ceribell training to detect seizures with high accuracy 45,47
  • Ceribell has completed successful clinical trials in the ICU setting 49
  • ICU nurses and physicians are able to collect clinical grade EEGs with ease of use 48
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